Funky Foodie

"High Lights"

Prague is an interesting mixture of nostalgia and flourishing. The many and diverse restaurants and pubs are perfect examples of the classic and the modern. This fun and introductory “Highlights” tour is centered mainly around the new and hip places in Prague.

Our stories will focus on the recent explosion of Czech cuisine. We will start by flying your taste buds around the world to exotic lands where you will be pleased with perfectly executed ethnic dishes. Combining the local and Asian produce, it's all sourced from the vibrant markets, and served by the large Vietnamese community in the Czech capital. We will indulge you in a feast for your eyes, belly, and mind. You will be served with seasoned Asian dishes combining fresh locally produced meats from grass-fed and slow-grown happy animals - a real Nose-to-the-Tail dining experience. Before causing any confusion after some of this fusion, we'll get you an insider’s experience of Prague’s most popular Czech “Fast slow Food.” The wine culture is also on the rise, so many cozy wine bars blossom in the city. Therefore, our next stop will be a three-in-one establishment that serves as a restaurant, wine bar, and wine boutique shop, featuring a large selection of natural wines from small reputable wine makers, offering incredible food paired perfectly with such wines. Our good friend - the owner – the great staff members, and the pleasant environment create a special atmosphere that is a rare find in Prague. As you enjoy your wine, spirits, all accompanied by this delicious fare you might want to finish the tour here:) But if you have a sweet tooth, don’t worry. We saved the best for last.


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